Learn about tracking technologies, market structure and data-sharing on the web

WhoTracksMe Paper 2018

What is a tracker? Where does this data come from?


Improving Cookie Consent

Cliqz' new feature to make consent fairer


Chrome's Manifest V3 - Improving Privacy?

How Chrome's changes will reduce user privacy


A quantum bug in Firefox Quantum

DevTools - how we tracked down an observant-dependent bug.

Tracker Market Share

Proportion of the web traffic tracked by these companies.


WhoTracksMe 2018

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Google trackers are present on 73% of the web traffic

That is more than the next 4 biggest trackers combined.

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15% of the web has a hidden Facebook tracking pixel

Facebook knows more than what you just do on Facebook

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392 companies track more than 0.1% of the web traffic each.

Which of these have you heard of?

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Websites with the most (and least) tracking



out of 10000 top websites have more than 10 trackers per page.


of data per page load on average required by trackers

FINGERPRINTING is a unique digital signature derived from the properties of your device.

COOKIES are files placed by the website, stored in the browser that is used to identify you to the website.

The most common trackers